If you are a single mother who is struggling and has given up on her own dreams, I am telling you today that there is hope! Freedom, restoration and self-sustainability are all possible!

Or maybe you are here because you have a heart to help, and wonder what you can do. At Maia Moms, you can make a huge difference in the lives of single mothers and their families. Whether it’s volunteering or becoming a donor partner, you are giving a family a chance to dream again! You are giving: A struggling mom a chance to be a great mom while she pursues her dreams of an education; A child the chance to have his mom at home again instead of working endless hours just to make ends meet; A family the peace of mind that comes with stable housing; and Generations a chance at breaking the cycle of poverty for their families. Thank you for visiting us and I hope that you will consider being a part of Maia Moms!

Changing lives together with you!

Allison Herrin
Founder and Executive Director
Allison at Maia Moms